Screw the costumes, keep the cost down.

Kitty Leydon

Just as the leaves blow through the streets this fall season, devil ears, cat’s tails, and angel
wings roll around the dark corners of Camden Street. On Halloween, we see both sides of the
scale, where costumes were either planned five weeks or five minutes ahead of the night out.
They all come out of the woodworks.

The stretch from either a full face of makeup to a few bucks running around in a grey
tracksuit with a hat calling themselves “Rocky” when all the pumpkins are sold out at Lidl,
you’re forced to carve out a watermelon before the door is battered down with trick-or-
treaters. Times have gotten tough when someone is offering to pay ten euros for the devil ears
off another person’s head in the middle of Coppers (true story).

Some of the costumes have reached an all-time high. People are pulling out all the stops. I’ve
seen girls having costume changes, but that could be because one of their friends puked all
over them. Still, who has a Marilyn Monroe costume lying around “in case of emergencies”?
Most of us don’t even have a spare pair of socks. Boys are hiring out grad suits to walk
around as the wolf of Wall Street, but let’s be honest, most of them are just business students
who are living their fantasy.

Now, I don’t know about most of you, but these Halloween costumes can be expensive and
with the inflation of sausage roll prices, every penny counts. So just like when you were
younger and your mum made you get the most wear out of your school jacket for 6 years,
who’s to say you can’t do the same with your Halloween costumes?

What’s stopping you from walking around campus in an inflatable dinosaur costume or
wearing your Mario costume into Nubar? Let’s be honest; it wouldn’t be the strangest thing
seen in there. For all the cowboys, I’m sure a cowboy hat would fit in perfectly walking
around the streets of Cavan. That pirate costume wouldn’t seem out of place in Workman’s
just like any other day in that place. If you decided to channel your inner fifth grade primary
school cool girl phase and wear a onesie like it’s 2015, Firstly, shame on you. Secondly, it’s
the perfect sleeping attire. For the hundreds of angel outfits lying vacant in the bottom of
your wardrobe, Christmas is just around the corner. If you have a younger sibling or cousin,
why not do a trade? They give you all their Halloween sweets, and you give them your
Halloween angel costume. Perhaps it’s better to just lend them the wings and not the full
outfit, as I don’t think fishnet tights and a corset would go over well at the 1 st class school

I don’t think dressing up as Hannah Montana or Kim Possible necessarily follows the spooky
nature of Halloween, but it comes down to whatever you can pull together. However, you can
keep up with the style of Halloween by playing a “trick” on your friends and saying it wasn’t
you who got carried out of Ryan’s for being drunk and disorderly. The “treat” is if you don’t
have the ultimate fear the morning after Halloween, because that’s the scariest part of all.