Ronaldo Interview: Why Choose Piers Morgan?

Colum Motherway

Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has stated he feels “betrayed” by his own club
in an interview with high profile journalist Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo joined Morgan for an exclusive interview right before the start of the 2022 FIFA
World Cup in Qatar and has controversially slammed his manager, Erik Ten Hag, some
former teammates and Manchester United itself.
Ronaldo claimed, “Man United tried to force me out. Not only the manager, but also the other
guys who are around the club. I felt betrayed.”
“I feel that some people didn’t want me at Manchester United, not only this year but last
season too.”
He stated that he does not have respect for Erik Ten Hag as “he doesn’t show any respect for

Aside from his comments, questions have to be asked about why Ronaldo chose Piers
Morgan, a man who thrives on causing controversy, to conduct this interview rather than any
respected football journalist.

It comes as no surprise that Morgan is one of Ronaldo’s biggest fans and only asked the
footballer questions which deflected any criticism Ronaldo has taken in recent months.
Ronaldo, who earns £515,385 a week, has played 10 Premier League matches out of United’s
14 so far and he has managed to score just 1 goal.

In all competitions this season, the 37 year-old striker has as many yellow cards as goals (3)
in 1,051 minutes of football.

He also left Old Trafford before the final whistle in United’s 2-0 victory over Tottenham
Hotspur in October, after refusing to come on as a substitute.

Morgan never criticised Ronaldo throughout the interview on his poor performances and
Ronaldo’s passing of the blame has been reported as headline news for The Sun.
Ronaldo also decided to lash out at some of his former teammates in the interview, including
a jab at Wayne Rooney’s physical appearance.

Morgan asked Ronaldo if Rooney could be “jealous” of him and the Portuguese international
stated, “I don’t know why he criticises me so badly, probably because he finished his career
and I’m still playing at high level. I’m not going to say that I’m looking better than him.
Which is true.”

Gary Neville was another ex-teammate that Ronaldo made comments on, claiming that, “he’s
using my name to gain fame on TV”.
This is ironic as it appears to be exactly what Piers Morgan is doing with this interview.
Morgan released a tweet at 5:30pm on November 15th announcing that there would be “new
stunning revelations” from the interview at 10pm later tht night.

What Morgan released at 10pm that night was an emotional clip of Ronaldo opening up about
the death of his newborn son.

A question must be raised over Morgan’s motives behind this interview as advertising it like
that is distasteful and what seems to be an attempt to garner more attention for himself.
However Morgan claims that Ronaldo asked him to do the interview and everything involved
in it is “to set the record straight after 6 months of lies and smears.”

Manchester United are expected to take action against Ronaldo in the near future.

Colum Motherway