Sporting action you won’t want to miss in 2023

Seán Conlon

Sporting action to watch 2023 - Vera Pauw

The impacts of COVID on sports in recent years, with their delays and difficulties, appear to have finally receded going into 2023. The last of the major delayed sporting action appears to be over now that the delayed and controversial 2022 World Cup has concluded, and the normal schedule appears to be back this year. The world of sports can look forward to a return to more regular programming and schedules.

All sports enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in 2023. The usual annual events, like the Champions League, are still worthwhile, and the Premier League is shaping up nicely with an intriguing title fight in store for all fans. It comes as a surprise to find Arsenal leading the way at the top heading into the second half of the season.

Rugby fans have a very highly anticipated year in store for them. With Ireland having recently won all three of its autumn internationals, the Six Nations tournament in February could very well be a success. If that wasn’t enough, the Rugby World Cup returns in September 2023, and despite never having reached a world cup semi-final before, Johnny Sexton and his team will undoubtedly give it their all to take home the trophy.

With the massive rise in popularity in recent years, there will be many who will be greatly anticipating the F1 season. Verstappen will hope to defend his championship after his dominance in 2022, but does Hamilton still have it in him to challenge at the highest level anymore and maybe claim a record-breaking 8 th title?

Top sporting action to watch in 2023 – football

Despite some disappointing results from Stephen Kenny’s side in Irish soccer, the boys in green have some big games coming up in their Euro 2024 qualifiers. France and the Netherlands will prove to be Kenny’s biggest challenges yet, but if things turn around, we could be in for some memorable nights at the Aviva this year.

But Irish soccer this year won’t be dominated by the men, as all eyes will be on the World Cup for the women in Australia. Amber Barret’s goal gave Vera Pauw’s team a 1-0 victory over Scotland back in October, confirming their spot in the World Cup with a determined but well-earned victory. Despite being in a difficult group, Katie McCabe and the girls will give it their all regardless of what occurs in Australia, and the entire nation will be behind them, supporting them every step of the way.

While 2023 may not be as exciting an overall year as in recent years due to events being forced in at every turn, it could provide some memorable moments in sports, particularly for Irish fans. The Rugby World Cup and the Women’s Soccer World Cup are undoubtedly two of the most anticipated events. Irish fans will bring their unwavering support as they always do, and hopefully 2023 could be one for the history books.

Seán Conlon

Image Credit: Sportsfile