Flowers – The New Self-Love Anthem

Jade McNamee

It’s been nearly two weeks since the return of pop icon Miley Cyrus with her new song “Flowers” and iconic is the best word for it!

The new lead single of her upcoming eighth studio album has taken the world by storm and has already claimed and maintained a spot at number 1 spot across the charts. It now has over 138 million streams on Spotify and that number is only going up, it has even managed to break a Spotify record for the most streamed song in a seven-day period. The previous record-holder for most Spotify streams in a week was BTS’ “Butter,” which very nearly made it to the 100 million mark in its first seven days but Flowers has now surpassed that by a long shot.

Cyrus preaches the importance of loving yourself and healing after a painful breakup. With lyrics stating “I can hold my own hand” and “I can love myself better than you can,” it is empowering everyone to believe in themselves. This single highlights independence as well as understanding that you don’t need someone else in your life to make you feel complete.

You may have noticed some of these lyrics sound familiar and if you have been keeping up with the gossip surrounding this single you might know why. The rumour has it that this powerful anthem is in fact aimed at Cyrus’ ex Liam Hemsworth following the end of their marriage in 2018. Hemsworth had in fact dedicated the Bruno Mars song ‘When I was your Man’ to Cyrus. This new song sees these lyrics flipped and leaves us with a powerful self-love anthem. Not to mention she also released it on his birthday! Say it with me now- Iconic.

If you don’t find yourself empowered by her lyrics just take a look at her music video. Opening with an LA backdrop we see Cyrus strutting and dancing in a beautiful gold ball gown. We see Cyrus dancing and smiling and enjoying her own company- it is important to note that there is no one else appearing in this entire 3-minute video, only Cyrus herself. The entire music video shows her as a focal point which adds a further layer to her empowering lyrics of independence and desire for self-worth.

Miley Cyrus’ new album titled ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ is set for release on March 10th.

Jade McNamee

Image Credit: Miley Cyrus on Youtube