Alix Earle: The Rise To Fame

Caoimhe Woods

Alix Earle is the internet’s new “it girl” of the moment. The twenty two year old University of Miami student took TikTok by storm gaining 4 million followers since September of 2022. 

Unlike most other influencers who grow by means of dancing and pretty privilege, it was Earle’s personality and honesty that grabbed the attention of the general public and sent them towards her page.

Earle took TikTok by storm with her chatty get ready with me style videos where she does her classic makeup routine and tells stories about college life, her family or her struggles with acne and anxiety. Although she is glamorous and lives a life many people would watch and wish for, it’s the messy room and hungover videos that truly pull her fans in.

She has created trends like white eyeliner and powder puffs and sold out products like the Charlotte Tilbury bronzing wand simply through using these products in her videos.

Her viewers trust her opinions. A trend has emerged of smaller creators posting dilemmas to TikTok and finishing with asking themselves “what would Alix do?”

The internet hasn’t seen a content creator’s fan base so loyal since the rise of Emma Chamberlain. And with Chamberlain no longer actively posting on either TikTok or YouTube, there was a gap in the market and Alix is on her way to filling it.

Her fans are so loyal and it’s clear they feel a personal connection to her.

“Can we all collectively agree Alix is the realest, most genuine and relatable content creator?” 

One fan wrote under a video of Alex talking about her struggles with acne.

Since Earle’s rise to fame she has been thrown head first into the media world, featuring big names like Charli D’Amelio, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus on her TikTok page, being brought on billion dollar brand excursions and living it up in LA. However she has remained humble and grounded and returned to the University of Miami to finish out her degree in marketing and partying with her roommates, of course sharing every grim detail with us along the way.