Where and why you should watch Super Bowl 2023 this Sunday

Seán Jevens

Super Bowl 2023 preview

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived after a spectacular NFL season. State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona will host the 57th iteration of American Football’s biggest game, as the Kansas City Chiefs face the Philadelphia Eagles. The game is set to be one for the ages, with both teams carrying Super Bowl pedigree into Sunday’s game having both won the Vince Lombardi within the last five years. Both teams come into the game as the best teams in their conference, with identical 16-3 records, as well as star studded lineups on offence and defence. 

Where you can tune in? 

If you are watching from Ireland, the game will kick off at 11.30pm. Pre-game coverage will begin long before that so you’ll have plenty of time to soak up the Super Bowl spirit and stock up on snacks or drink a few pints before any football is played. The game will be broadcast live on free to air Virgin Media, as well as on Sky Sports. 

If you want a bit more atmosphere, there’s a ton of Super Bowl parties being hosted across Dublin City on Sunday night by some of our own American Football teams. Dublin Rebels are having their Super Bowl party at The Odeon on Harcourt Street. Our City rivals down south UCD’s American Football team is also hosting their Super Bowl party on Harcourt Street in the famous Dublin nightclub DTwo. Tickets for both events are a tenner on Eventbrite if you want to check them out.   

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more chill that’s not ticketed, The Woolshed on Parnell Street is a brilliant spot for broadcasting the NFL every Sunday night with a vibrant sports bar atmosphere and will be packed come Sunday evening. 

The Game 

Maybe you are tuning into the game as a massive sports fan, a flaneur who wants to be able to talk about the game on Monday morning, or a music fan waiting for half time? Maybe you’re not too sure about watching it at all, or you don’t want to stay up late?

Either way, my message is simple: You cannot afford to miss this game. It will be epic. Super Bowls sometimes have a tendency to be dour one-sided affairs, or low scoring contests of attrition and defensive football. I can tell you with near certainty this will not be the case this year.

The game will be contested by what are definitely the two best teams in the league, and what are two offensive juggernauts for different reasons. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are led by Patrick Mahomes, favourite for the NFL Most Valuable Player award, and arguably the most talented player of his generation, if not all time. He led the Chiefs to the number one seed in their conference, with the highest scoring offence, and 41 passing touchdowns, the most by any quarterback in the league. 

Mahomes carried the Chiefs to victory a fortnight ago against the Cincinnati Bengals with two touchdowns on a sprained ankle. The winning play came when Mahomes, struggling for mobility, ran for a first down to set up the game winning field goal from kicker Harrison Butker. 

His number one target on Sunday will be Travis Kelce, arguably the greatest tight-end of all time. Kelce has caught 15 touchdowns so far this season including playoff games, and has already caught a touchdown in a Super Bowl win in 2020. He will be hoping to repeat that feat this weekend. 

Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, lines up against him for the Philadelphia Eagles. It is the first time in Super Bowl history that two brothers will face each other on opposing teams, and Jason, a future Hall of Fame Center, will be commanding the best offensive line in the game, protecting star quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Hurts has had a breakout season for the flying Philadelphia Eagles this season, with 35 total passing and rushing touchdowns. He led the Eagles offence to a blowout 31-7 victory over the San Francisco 49ers last week, who up until that game ranked as the best defence in the league. Philly and Hurts’ offence may not be as strong as Mahomes’, but it’s by no means weak. 

The game is set up to be an offensive shootout that will go right to the wire. As of the week before the game, the bookies are anticipating a tight, high-scoring affair, with the expected margin of victory at less than two points, and the expected total points scored over 50. 

The Queen of Pop

The Super Bowl is considered by many in the U.S as a national holiday, and is famous worldwide not only as one of the biggest annual sporting occasions, but also as one of the greatest shows on television, and this year will be no different. Super Bowl LVII’s halftime show will be headlined by Rihanna. 

Many huge stars have graced the Super Bowl stage over the last few years, such as the Weeknd, Shakira & JLo, Katy Perry, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg & Eminem. None will grab the interest of the masses however quite like Rihanna. Rihanna will be taking the stage for her first live performance in over five years, and it is sure to be special. Expect an eclectic mix of her discography, with old and new, as well as some possible guest singers. 

Roll on Sunday night!

Seán Jevens