Here are our Favourite Romance Flicks for a Valentine’s Night In

Rachael Dunphy

Photo by c.Artisan/Everett /Rex Features

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s just enough time to get bingeing on your favourite romantic movies. Whether you’re settling down to watch a movie with a partner, some friends, or in bad need of some quality alone time, there’s enough romantic movies to keep you entertained for lover’s season. And if you’re looking for some inspiration – look no further.

Some honorary mentions that didn’t make the cut include Crazy Rich Asians, Someone Great, Friends With Benefits, as well as some romantic classics such as Pretty Woman, Top Gun and Notting Hill.

When Harry Met Sally

A classic 80’s rom-com, When Harry Met Sally is the perfect place to start on a romantic movie marathon. Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as Harry and Sally, this slow burn love story screams classic romance, as the pair leave viewers playing the will they won’t they game until the very last second. With the city that never sleeps as the movies’ setting, the ever changing leaves of NYC’s Central Park show the time passing as our leading characters attempt to answer the question – “Can men and women ever be just friends?” And of course, When Harry Met Sally gave us that iconic diner scene. If you know, you know. 

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Looking for something that doesn’t scream happily ever after this Valentine’s season? Bridget Jones has got you covered. The British rom-com icon is on the hunt for love, all while attempting to look after herself, and climbing the career ladder in early 00’s London. Stuck between Colin Firth’s dashing Mr. Darcy, and Hugh Grant’s self-obsessed Daniel Cleaver, Bridget Jones’ attempt to have it all makes for easy watching entertainment that’ll reassure you it’s okay not to have your whole life put together. And if Bridget Jones’s Diary whets your appetite for Renee Zellweger’s lovable love addict, there are two sequels waiting for you.

Dirty Dancing

How many of us grew up shouting ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner”? Dirty Dancing continues to encapsulate generation after generation as we all dream of catching the eye of a tanned and toned Patrick Swayze. Baby, played by Jennifer Grey, heads on her family vacation, and before long ends up as dance coach Johnny Castle’s new dance prodigy. A whirlwind romance is sandwiched between troubled waters and serious undertones, leaving everyone who watches it longing to relive their teenage years. Baby’s experience of first love is one we all wish we had, and a film we all still go back to over thirty five years later. 

Me Before You 

Is someone crying in here? Get the tissues ready for this one, as Jojo Moyes novel turned feature film is one of the biggest tearjerkers of the twenty-first century. The film centres around Lou, an eccentric girl from a small English town who gets a job as a carer and companion to Will; once a rich playboy who ends up paralysed after a motorcycle accident. The pair don’t exactly hit it off right away, but an emotional rollercoaster gets underway as Lou attempts to teach Will how to start loving life again.

Rachael Dunphy