Romance Books to Fall in Love With

Laura Pietrzak

Romance books are a fun way to escape reality, or even a way to help you stay hopeful and optimistic in your current reality. Here are some love themed books that you need on your bookshelf:

“Book Lovers” by Emily Henry 

At the top of the list, and always at the top of my mind. Emily Henry never disappoints, but this book is undoubtedly her masterpiece. The enchanting novel follows the intertwined fates of Nora Stephens – a cut-throat literary agent, and Charlie Lastra, a brooding, yet charming editor from back in the city, who she met thanks to a not so friendly encounter a couple of years back. This book is so realistic, yet the romance still leaves us giggling. The chemistry between the two lovers is insane and the tension and conversations are what make the book so fun and fast to read!

“You Deserve Each Other” by Sarah Hogle

This book is simply laugh out loud funny; it’s an enjoyable romance which centres around Naomi and Nicholas – a couple who have seemingly fallen out of love with each other, just as they are about to get married. The banter in this novel is hilarious and Nicholas’ attempts to woo Naomi again are too cute, making it one of the most exciting romances to read right now. 

“The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang  

A truly unique book that tells the story of Stella, a young woman with Asperger’s who hires an escort to help overcome her fear of intimacy in relationships. The escort happens to be none other than Michael, a patient – and hot – love interest who does his best to help Stella with her dilemma. As you probably guessed, soon, their professional relationship starts to bloom into something more. The buildup of the romance in this book is perfectly paced and leaves readers unable to put the book down!

“Everything I Know about Love” by Dolly Alderton 

Life is not just about celebrating romantic love, but also about cherishing the platonic and family relationships that we find and keep throughout our lives. This delightful and witty memoir by Dolly Alderton talks about the significance of female friendships and self-love for young women, and it explores themes of heartbreak and the hardships of growing up. 

“Red, White and Royal Blue” by Casey McQuiston 

Enemies to lovers? Check. Fake dating? Check. That’s as good a sign you need to know that a book will be brilliant; the perfect mix of tension, fun and angst packed into one novel; and that is exactly what “Red, White and Royal Blue” is. It’s an uplifting and wholesome romance starring First Son Alex and Prince Henry as they juggle their fake relationship while the whole world watches. 

“The Ex Talk” by Rachel Lynn Solomon 

Have you noticed a pattern? Yes, this is another enemies-to-lovers’ love story… but it’s not what it sounds like. Dominic and Shay aren’t actually exes, but rather work nemeses. The forced proximity romance trope weaves its way into this book also, as the two protagonists are forced to pretend that they are exes speaking about what went wrong in their relationship on air. When the show starts gaining a loyal fanbase, Domminic and Shay find themselves caught up in the lie they have made, but soon find it a bit too easy to pretend that they still have lingering feelings for each other. 

Laura Pietrzak