You Season Four has Who(Dunnit) Again

Laura Pietrzak

The newest instalment of You has proven to be an instant success. The recently-released part 1 of season 4 garnered 92.1M hours viewed since its February 9th release date, making it Netflix’s most-viewed title of the week. However, this season has also taken the show in a drastic new direction. 

Netflix used the same strategy as they did with their release of Stranger Things last year – splitting the season into two parts to build anticipation for the second half, due to be released on March 9th.

You seems to take a new direction every season, keeping the viewers entertained and obsessed with the series. In the first season, we see Joe Goldberg stalking Beck, while in the second season he meets his match; the psychotic Love Quinn, who he ends up having a child with, and by the end of the season he is already obsessed with a new woman; Marienne. 

Another season, another plot twist, and a new location and cast.

After being declared dead in the US, Joe sets out on his new mission to stalk Marienne, his neighbourhood librarian who he developed an obsession with in the previous season. In an attempt to run away from his disastrous past, the titular character moves to London. 

However, in this season, the hunter becomes the prey, as Joe is hunted this time, hiding under the pseudonym of a university professor Jonathan Moore. The stalker doubles up as an “Eat the Rich Killer” who murders Joe’s new rich and snobby friends in London. Goldberg gets a taste of his own medicine by being harassed by a mystery stalker. Of course, he makes it his goal to uncover the identity of this stalker, and the new season hinges on this. 

In the latest season, You takes a turn from Joe’s usual creepy self-delusion to a “whodunnit” murder mystery. However, some things never change; Joe’s humorous narration and lively internal monologue remains, as well as his resentment for privileged and rich people. 

The various plot twists packed into each episode provide a thrilling watch. Joe remains steadfast in his belief that he is doing the right thing, and continues to gaslight the audience as he strings us along to witness his crimes. 

For viewers, it is cathartic to watch Joe get stalked as comeuppance for all the horrible crimes he committed against women in the past few seasons. The finale of the first half of the season leaves us biting our nails till the new episodes come out. 

Viewers have also been speculating that Love Quinn might be returning in the fourth season due to her chilling appearance in a scene in the Part 2 trailer. But don’t get your hopes up yet, as nothing has been confirmed. Is it a flashback or are we just desperate to have our Love back?

Whatever the answer, we can be sure that the writers of “You” will have an action-packed finale waiting for us, and we’re already counting down the days till March 9th.

Laura Pietrzak