Despite the Hiatus, Hozier is as Relevant Today as He’s Ever Been

Áine Goulding

Hozier’s upcoming EP Eat Your Young and upcoming concert shows the devoted fanbase he had before haven’t gone away.

After four years, Hozier announced a new show in Malahide Castle, Dublin on the 30th of June. Alongside the show, he announced a new EP: Eat Your Young. With this increased limelight, it’s worth asking, does Hozier have the fanbase he once did? In my eyes, I believe he does.

According to Spotify, Hozier has 22,850,459 monthly listeners and 1.9 million followers on Instagram. When he brings out a new song or a new album, his songs would reach high peaks of popularity. says that many of Hozier’s albums and EPs have been a part of the top 200 songs or albums. His debut album Hozier was number two on Billboard in October 2014 when it was first launched. His latest album Wasteland, baby! was number one in the first week of its debut. His EP Take me to church landed in the Top 200 of songs in its first week following the debut. Nina Cried Power, another EP of his, was in the top 100 in its first week of debut. His newest song, Song upon Leda, released in October 2022, currently has 777k views and 32k likes on YouTube. Many of his songs, like Wasteland Baby! have trended on TikTok.

His newest EP Eat Your Young was released on TikTok on the first of march, where it currently has 1.5 million views and 250.1k likes. His audio has been used in over 9000 videos with some of the TikToks garnering over 500k likes. 

His fanbase is as big as it was before. Because he has not released any music in a few years, many people might have stopped listening to his music as much because of it being overplayed.

However, when he puts out new music, like his most recent album, Wasteland, Baby! his fandom quickly show their love for him and his music. And when he announces upcoming concerts, tickets are sold out very quickly, like his last concert in Dublin in 2019 and his upcoming concert in June.

Hozier has such a unique style of music. The guitar techniques he uses when playing the melody, the way he sings his songs and the topics he sings about make him such a wonderful artist.

Hozier’s EP Eat Your Young comes out on the 17th  March.

Hozier’s concert will be in Malahide Castle, Dublin on 30th June 2023.

Áine Goulding