If Racism Exists In Ireland So Does Anti-racism

March 15, 2023

Racism in Ireland has been an issue for quite a long time, with the latest flood in hate crimes happening in 2020. The effect of racial hate crimes on victims can be devastating. Victims frequently


The consent question

October 17, 2018

Ever since the #MeToo campaign, it is not unusual to log onto Twitter or listen to the radio and hear of a famous body or political figure facing sexual assault allegations. 

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The Great Debate: Should gender quotas exist?    

March 9, 2016

Gender quotas were introduced in the general election for the first time ever. Political parties needed to have 30% of women and 30% of men running in the general election or state funding would be halved.


Victoria’s not so secret lack of diversity

December 2, 2015

why do Victoria’s Secret feel comfortable taking inspiration from classic African designs and imagery but yet do not feel any obligation to feature more women in their show who could actually represent these cultures?


The Great Debate: Unpaid internships are worth the experience

November 18, 2015

It is a known fact that internships are a great addition to any CV or LinkedIn profile. Regardless of pay having an impressive internship can put you ahead of your competitors, as it shows determination, dedication and a good work ethic.