The business of voluntourism

February 20, 2019

“extremely disturbing that we send a bunch of idealistic youth, with no actual skills to go teach Africans.”

DCU News

Student nurses veto coffee morning

February 7, 2019

Nursing students claim they have not been listened to and told the Students’ Union they need to do more to represent the 800 nursing students on campus.


The university fees conversation

February 6, 2019

Many students will be familiar with the process of applying for a grant from Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). It is a long process which demands attention and various details of the student and their


Dying from the flu

February 6, 2019

As flu cases deaths increased over the the recent winter season, there was also no dramtic growth in people getting the flu vaccine.


DCU’s favourite shopkeeper

December 12, 2018

An observant student wandering around the DCU campus on a chilly winter morning may notice a handful of friendly pensioners from the local area making their way through the crowd to reach the front doors