Remembering all life lost in 1916

October 12, 2016

Irish people are finally opening up to the reality of the year 1916 and remembering our lost generation, writes Andrew Ralph.


Respect sees no nationality

April 20, 2016

For anyone who had seen RTÉ’s recent drama series Rebellion, they would have realised it perfectly encapsulated the hardship faced by the poorer, lower class of the Irish nation during 1916. For those poorer families,

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Striking during Centenary derailed support for Luas workers

April 6, 2016

As in Dublin, public opinion towards these public transport workers soured pretty quickly. Angela Merkel echoed the thejournal.ie’s poll in saying that workers have the right to strike but that right should be used responsibly, that there was a “common responsibility” for the union and company to reach a compromise.