Ireland’s rugby dream comes to an end

November 11, 2020

England’s 29 point win over Italy set the scene for this historically stellar match between the top two teams in the Six Nations competition. 


Socially distant but not disconnected

October 28, 2020

Although it wouldn’t be possible to meet up with loved ones during quarantine, being socially distant doesn’t mean you have to be socially disconnected. Studies have shown that having supportive relationships (whether platonic or romantic) have a long term impact on not only your mental health, but also your physical wellbeing. 


How does level five impact sport in Ireland

October 28, 2020

The Coronavirus has already put a stop to world-renowned events such as the Olympics and Euro 2020, but is it set to tackle the GAA championship, Pro 14 and the League of Ireland too?


Back to the future viewing

October 14, 2020

A need for feel-good content has ramped up everyone’s nostalgia levels rather than opting for the investment of watching something unproven.