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Ireland’s Asylum System – Ask me my name

April 17, 2019

Are Irish prisons working? Is Ireland’s asylum system fit for purpose? Final-year DCU journalism students conducted in-depth investigations into these two major questions in Irish public life. Working with School of Communications Journalist-in-Residence, Ursula Halligan, and Chair of the BA in Journalism, Declan Fahy, students worked in teams to produce a set of original multi-media articles on these pressing, but under-reported, public affairs topics.


We can’t hear the people sing

April 3, 2019

Except the arts have gotten increasingly more exclusionary in the coming years – especially to the working class. With theatre shows like Les Miserables and RENT, depicting the lives of the downtrodden fighting against “the system”, what happens when the actual disadvantaged are shut out from the arts?


An ode to Stanley Donen

March 6, 2019

Funnily enough, although a legend, Donen had never won an Academy Award for any of his works. However, in 1998 he received a lifetime achievement “in appreciation of a body of work marked by grace, elegance, wit and visual innovation.”

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Breaking down the Oscars

February 20, 2019

BEST PICTURE Bohemian Rhapsody: The nomination of biopic of legendary rockstar Freddie Mercury from the band QUEEN has attracted controversy due to child sexual assault allegations against its first director, Bryan Singer. Although Singer was

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The Favourite, a favourite

February 6, 2019

Bizarrely, this is one of Lanthimos’ most conventional movies in comparison to both The Lobster and Killing of A Sacred Deer. Yet it still possesses a large range of quirks and is a divergence of the typical historical drama. The stiff and proper setting and costumes is contrasted with characters’ behaviour and dialogue, such as the word “vajuju” being used.


Happy little pills

December 12, 2018

problems aren’t miraculously solved when you tell someone how you’re feeling


DCU society calls for Eurovision boycott

December 12, 2018

DCU’s Students for Justice for Palestine (SJP) have called for a boycott of Eurovision 2019 that is to be hosted in the country of Israel.


Controversial Iceland ad did more good than harm

December 12, 2018

A few weeks ago, uproar was caused after the frozen food supermarket, Iceland, dropped their Christmas advert on Facebook and other social media platforms. Note, dropped online, not on television. This is because the organisation


The story of Jaqueline Wilson

December 12, 2018

Although, Jaqueline Wilson is not exactly like your typical children’s author. She deals with darker subject matters than other children’s books, straying away from fantasies about fairies or stories about a troublesome child who torments his younger brother. Wilson’s stories explored themes such as broken families, domestic abuse, mental illnesses, and the foster care system.


Thank u Ariana Grande, next

November 28, 2018

The words, “thank you, next” in relation to past relationships sounds cold and unfeeling, but the song is the complete opposite of that. Grande is genuinely thanking her exes for helping her grow and prosper into the person she is today, there’s no negativity or bitterness within the song despite its subject matter.


Make this “American Boy” great again

November 14, 2018

Sinatra was unable to shake rumours of mafia links and as Kennedy wished to keep his public persona clean, the president went with the option of staying at Bing Crosby’s. When Sinatra heard the news, he flew into a violent rage, reportedly bashing the heliport with a sledgehammer.


“iridescence” marks a new era for BROCKHAMPTON

October 31, 2018

BROCKHAMPTON is known for jaunting instrumentals and whiplash musically, which can be seen with the song right after WHERE THE CASH AT. Although WEIGHT is completely different to its predecessor, beginning with a slow violin pervading the entire track, it transitions seamlessly.

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A visit to Roderic O’Conor and The Moderns

October 17, 2018

Similarly, one can see how O’Conor begins to discard the styles of Impressionism. Instead, he focuses on the emotions that pervade a painting and how that can change its direction. Within this room, we can see when O’Conor truly embarks into Post-impressionism territory alongside Gauguin.


What reality shows have the X Factor?

October 3, 2018

There is one tanned and collagen filled outlier known as Love Island, which dominated the last couple of summers, consistently smashing ITV2 rating records.

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The problem with authors meddling with their finished works

October 3, 2018

The beauty of the arts is that it allows its audience to interpret concepts in whatever manner they wish to. It inspires creativity, what happens after the story ends is up to the reader to imagine. By telling a story, you are allowing others to interpret it in whichever way they wish to

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Atelier des Lumières lights up the art scene

October 3, 2018

When the light flashes and suddenly all paintings have diminished, the audience is met with the stark reminder that they have been walking around a grey room. The projectors had given the illusion that they had been on an ethereal adventure.