Finding your creative outlet during lockdown

December 9, 2020

Art is one way to find a new freedom. At least that’s what Ellen Moriarty, a second year nursing student felt when she picked up the paintbrush for the first time since secondary school during lockdown.


Separating art from the artist

April 1, 2020

Harvey Weinstein has been convicted of rape and faces 23 years of prison, undoubtedly a life sentenced for the 68-year-old.

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Meet Maser, the artist behind the iconic murals

July 20, 2019

‘Now for Northern Ireland’ was projected onto the Project Arts Centre in Dublin as part of a collaboration between Maser and Amnesty International to repurpose the Repeal campaign, focusing on the issue at hand in Northern Ireland.


Make politics sexy again

April 17, 2019

On The West Wing, politics was made sexy, and this appears to be the attitude figures like Beto and Pete are longing to return to. How can they, as presidential candidates, simultaneously be James Dean and Abraham Lincoln?

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The Portrait of Che Guevara

February 18, 2019

A specially commissioned painting of the portrait of Argentine-Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara was unveiled in The Hive at DCU on February 6th. Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick who created the piece attended the event alongside DCU

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Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings

February 6, 2019

77 million paintings is an example of generative art. This is art that has been created in part or in whole by something that is not human.

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The significance of album artwork for music

December 12, 2018

Most people will be able to recognise white squiggly lines set against a black t-shirt and instantly know that it is a piece of Joy Division fan merchandise, or even just a t-shirt you wear to make people think that you know that you have a superior taste in music to them.


How art can change our perception of beauty

October 31, 2018

The famous quote by Oscar Wilde, saying,“life imitates art far more than art imitates life” rings true in the sense that we aspire more imitate the idealised aspects of art as we consider them to be more beautiful than real life and its trials and tribulations.

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Banksy’s prank doesn’t quite make the cut

October 31, 2018

Perhaps he intended no deeper meaning to the performance and was simply pulling a long-con, a practical joke, knowing the world would take it and run with it. Maybe Banksy knew that everyone else would do the work for him, if his goal really was to make society take a long, hard look at itself.  

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A visit to Roderic O’Conor and The Moderns

October 17, 2018

Similarly, one can see how O’Conor begins to discard the styles of Impressionism. Instead, he focuses on the emotions that pervade a painting and how that can change its direction. Within this room, we can see when O’Conor truly embarks into Post-impressionism territory alongside Gauguin.


When two worlds collide: art and commercial fashion

October 3, 2018

 If done right, collaborations such as the Vans x Van Gogh Museu can provide a new level of cultural dignity for fashion brands while also allowing great artistic works to reach a wider audience within popular culture. 

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Atelier des Lumières lights up the art scene

October 3, 2018

When the light flashes and suddenly all paintings have diminished, the audience is met with the stark reminder that they have been walking around a grey room. The projectors had given the illusion that they had been on an ethereal adventure.


Divisive work of Emil Nolde at the National Art Gallery

April 18, 2018

Nolde had a fascination with dancers and the beautiful way in which they used their bodies as an artistic tool, this fascination is evident in the exhibition as a running theme as he daringly painted scenes of dancers performing at a cabaret or caught up in movement on stage.

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Behind the artist: Sarah Bahbah

March 21, 2018

Artist and photographer Sarah Bahbah embraces a style of coming-of-age art that appeals to the Instagram generation through narrative images of self-expression, portraying an overall message of female empowerment.

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The difficulty of being a modern artist

March 7, 2018

Despite Ireland’s tiny size, the small island has produced some of the world’s leading poets, composers and artists. Twentieth-century Irish artists such as Jack Butler Yeats, Evie Hone and Sean Keating are renowned for their

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Behind the artist: Malcom T. Liepke

February 21, 2018

Malcom T. Liepke, a self taught artist from Minneaopolis, has captivated the world with his beautiful and expressive oil paintings. A painter all his life, the inspiration he finds in the Impressionist painters such as


Extensions: Art Exhibition in aid of mental health

October 11, 2017

Fintan O’Byrne is an Irish artist who recently hosted an exhibition of his artwork in aid of Jigsaw, Ireland’s National Centre for Youth Mental Health. Jigsaw’s mission is to bring about significant change in how


Inspirations: Rei Kawakubo

February 24, 2016

Growing up with an opposition to trendy fashion in the typical sense, Comme des Garcons was always one of my favourite brands, I followed religiously, scrimping together my meagre pocket money to buy Nylon and Vogue each month.