Teacht chun cinn saol ‘Instagram’

December 11, 2019

Bíonn gach duine i gcónaí buartha faoi tuairimí daoine eile, béidir strainséirí, do chairde nó troll ar an idirlíon. Is cuma cén casadh a chuireann tú ar an scéal, tá deinmhniú á lorg ag daoine.


Fat liberation is not the same as body positivity

December 11, 2019

While much discourse remains throughout even the fat liberation movement (from super-fat erasure to whether or not someone is fat enough to claim to be part of the movement), the fat liberation movement remains a radical collective that aimed to reform society and not themselves.


Body neutrality is the new body positivity

November 13, 2019

We live in a society where body positivity and self-love takes over our social media feeds every day. However, for some, accepting their bodies is simply not that easy, no matter how hard they try. While the term “Body Positivity” blew up in recent years and has been loved by many, there was still something missing in the concept for others, so much so that they turned to “Body Neutrality” instead. 


How impactful are body positive magazine covers?

October 17, 2018

Following the controversial Cosmopolitan magazine cover featuring plus-sized model Tess Holliday, Clara Kelly and Orla Dwyer discuss whether the reaction was blown out of proportion or a real issue.