The Laborious Adventures of Bad TV

November 14, 2018

From shows that keep us on the edge of our seat, to those that leave us snoring in them, we all love television. A fictional adventure, an escape from reality, a simple bit of respite

Budget 2019

BUDGET 2019: Social Welfare

October 9, 2018

All social welfare payments are to increase by €5 per week from next year.  The Christmas bonus for welfare recipients will also be restored in full, to commence later this year. Donohoe said: “In addition

Budget 2019

BUDGET 2019: Justice

October 9, 2018

Minister of Finance, Paschal Donohoe has announced an additional €60 million euro to be spent on reforms within the department of Justice and Equality. The €60 million will be used to provide additional asylum accommodation,

DCU News

DCU unveils long awaited student centre

October 3, 2018

The centre will welcome an estimated 50,000 students in the next decade. It was funded entirely through donations from the Tony Ryan Trust, Bank of Ireland, DCU Commercial activities, alongside €8 million raised from student levees.


Are consent classes effective?

April 18, 2018

Too often in education we are simply taught that 2+2=4. You write it down in your copy and don’t think about it until memorising it the night before the test. By opening up the classroom to questions and opinions on consent, with a qualified teacher to moderate, students would be more engaged and more likely to listen and take in what’s being discussed.


Are vigilante paedophile hunters hidden heroes?

March 21, 2018

Callum Lavery: vigilante groups are unjustifiable Let’s get one thing straight first – I fully support the punishment of anyone who feels it is justifiable to corrupt the innocence of children. While I do understand

The Hype

When music fights back

February 7, 2018

War, huh, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. That is of course if you listen to musicians like Edwin Star who have used music to dispute politics and government. Music has been used to


Leo’s homelessness comments show a lack of sympathy

November 29, 2017

Varadkar’s comments like Gleeson’s shows his misunderstanding of the issue, his disinterest in the problem, his aloofness to lower class issues. His overall classism and elitism, as members of the Simon community and rival politicians have already pointed out.


DCU tops the table in female academia

November 15, 2017

DCU is the leading university in Ireland for female academia, according to figures released in a report by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).