Irish Prison System

Ireland’s Prison Service – Life After Prison

April 17, 2019

Are Irish prisons working? Is Ireland’s asylum system fit for purpose? Final-year DCU journalism students conducted in-depth investigations into these two major questions in Irish public life. Working with School of Communications Journalist-in-Residence, Ursula Halligan, and Chair of the BA in Journalism, Declan Fahy, students worked in teams to produce a set of original multi-media articles on these pressing, but under-reported, public affairs topics.

National News

Up to 70,000 removed from waiting lists without consultation

October 31, 2018

The figures obtained from GPs and shared by Donnelly reveal that 69,836 patients were cut from waiting lists as part of a “validation exercise” after staff inquired that they were “ready, willing, suitable and available” to attend.

National News

Liada Ní Riada: Presidential Candidate

October 17, 2018

Ní Riada credits her background and appreciation of Ireland’s identity as two key components that she believes makes her to be a suitable candidate for the Presidency.

Budget 2019

BUDGET 2019: Environment and Agriculture

October 9, 2018

A planned 50 per cent increase was expected for carbon tax. This would have increased carbon tax ­­­­­from the current amount of €20 to €30 per tonne. The rate has remained unaltered since May 2014.