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New Hub Aims to Challenge Disinformation In Ireland 

April 18, 2022

A new hub targeting the spread of disinformation online has been launched in Dublin City University (DCU). DCU was selected by The European Commission as part of a network of eight hubs across Europe which

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“The 2 Johnnies” return to RTE

March 9, 2022

RTE have announced that “The 2 Johnnies” radio show will return to 2fm on the 14 March in
a statement released on Monday.
The show was taken off air last week following the controversy surrounding comments they
had made in a video posted to social media from “The 2 Johnnies” podcast.


Brand new Night & Day Festival lineup announced

March 9, 2022

The Zutons, Villagers, John Grant and Orla Gartland will headline the first ‘Night & Day’
music festival which will take place in September in Clonalis House, Castlerea.
The lineup, which was announced at a launch event last week at The Workman’s Club in
Dublin, will also feature The Mary Wallopers, Cathy Davey, Moxie, Alana Henderson, Paddy
Dennhey, Columbia Mills, Amy Montgomery and Soda Blonde.


Euphoria’s style symbols sweeps our feeds yet again

February 16, 2022

This season of the dark high school drama sees Alexa Demi’s character, Maddy, wearing a lilac two piece and a tiny bag more fit for a club than for carrying school supplies, which prompted a series of memes about the outfits on the show being less than practical.


UK start-up challenges menstrual waste

February 2, 2022

Planera’s flushable pad degrades within 30 days and turns into clean water, biogas and fertiliser, compared to regular, plastic pads which can take 500 years to decompose.