The consent question

October 17, 2018

Ever since the #MeToo campaign, it is not unusual to log onto Twitter or listen to the radio and hear of a famous body or political figure facing sexual assault allegations. 


Are consent classes effective?

April 18, 2018

Too often in education we are simply taught that 2+2=4. You write it down in your copy and don’t think about it until memorising it the night before the test. By opening up the classroom to questions and opinions on consent, with a qualified teacher to moderate, students would be more engaged and more likely to listen and take in what’s being discussed.


Flirting with misogyny

November 15, 2017

The #metoo campaign has faced some harsh criticism. Adam Daly spoke to Dr Rosaleen McElvaney to get an insight into this misogynistic mentality.

Students' Union

Podge Henry SU Spread

September 27, 2017

Helping with the vast numbers of students seeking accommodation has been his “most stressful time by far” according to New VP for Welfare and Equality Podge Henry.

DCU News

It Stops Now campaign comes to DCU

April 19, 2017

DCU has lent official support for the It Stops Now campaign which aims to prevent sexual harassment and violence in third level education.


Opinion: Students say ‘no’ to consent classes

March 8, 2017

Consent classes in University College Dublin (UCD) have been cancelled due to a lack of interest but this does not mean that the classes are not absolutely vital for students. Emily Crowley discusses.


Understanding consent: it is okay to say no

November 16, 2016

Following the broadcast of author Louise O’Neill’s documentary ‘Asking for it’, opinion editor Shirley Donlon discusses the definition of consent and why it is so important to understand it.