University News

Tech-literate students most in-demand in next half-decade

February 2, 2022

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for tech-savvy students in the language, business, health, science and engineering sectors. The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) outlined how young people with competent technology skills in

National News

The demand for passports surge

February 2, 2022

The backlog of passport processing has built up to over 30,000 applicants, according to Joe Hackett, the Secretary-General at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Only emergency passports were being processed for the last 18 months.


A reflection on life in lockdown

March 24, 2021

Face masks were still just a skincare routine, a cough simply meant we had a cold and seeing our friends was common practice, little did we know our daily lives were about to become altered for over a year.