New RTÉ drama tackles Direct Provision

November 14, 2018

There are currently more than 5,000 asylum seekers in Ireland. The Irish mentality of, “we have to look after our own first” is echoed throughout society. The ground-breaking storytelling and narrative of taken down is showing us the struggle and suffering refugees in Ireland face.


The importance of public intellectuals

November 14, 2018

In a society where one of the world’s most powerful leaders is an egotistical narcissist, the importance of public intellectuals and social commentary has never been greater.


Bukowski: Lessons from “A laureate of American low life”

October 31, 2018

What separates Bukowski from the ranks of other famous poets is that his language is comprehensible and sadly simple. There is no room for rhyme, alliteration or onomatopoeia in his 1500 collected poems, so how can he even be considered a poet? What makes this cynical alcoholic a poet is that he evokes genuine feelings from the reader.