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Teaching on a prayer

April 18, 2018

It’s strange looking back on religion classes during the junior cycle. Classes were considered somewhat of a farce by fellow students, a class where you could sit back and relax and not worry about the


My Christmas is bigger than your Christmas

November 15, 2017

Halloween is over. As soon as that last firework fizzled into the sky, the sound of bells can be faintly heard jingling in the distance. The shops burn all their spooky gear in a bonfire


Two Sides of Cultural Appropriation

November 1, 2017

David Kelly: This is nonsense No more Halloween, kids. Nowadays, people aren’t interested in what to dress up as, but what not to dress up as. A slew of articles have been released that explain

DCU News

DCU set to lead Gender Identity Project

September 27, 2017

DCU is launching a project to reshape children’s attitudes to gender identity through an overhaul of prescribed children’s literature. DCU’s Centre for Children’s Literature and Culture is spearheading the Creative Europe project ‘Gender Identity: Child