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USI calls for legislation to protect staff tips

October 3, 2019

The push for legislation comes about following controversy over The Ivy restaurant’s policy on tipping. Last November, management issued a notice declaring staff could no longer take payments from the public due to their inability to “follow procedures and consider the whole team”. 

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Boots emergency contraception cost cut

October 11, 2017

DCU students slam the suggestion that a cheaper morning after pill would lead to the misuse or overuse of the emergency contraception. Following an onslaught of backlash back in July when the company refused to

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Taoiseach dismisses UK and US style loan scheme

October 11, 2017

Leo Varadkar’s unclear plans for the proposed ‘Student Loan Scheme’ outraged the Union of Students in Ireland, who led the march for publicly funded education in Dublin on October 3rd. The Taoiseach ruled out the


Sticks and Stones

March 8, 2017

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me; perhaps that used to be true. Or, perhaps it applied to a time before technology invaded safe spaces, before the insidious nature


City Breaks on a Budget: Krakow

February 8, 2017

Home to legendary castles, magnificent churches, bustling marketplaces and a fantastic nightlife Krakow has become the Polish tourist destination to experience as opposed to Poland’s capital Warsaw. With cheap alcohol, accommodation and food it’s a safe


Paws for thought

November 30, 2016

He arrived five years ago, saved from the promise of a plastic bag and the murky water of the grand canal. He arrived tiny, quiet, and resembling a cloud with a chance of rain. After a


The inspiration behind DCU’s Irish Heart Society

October 26, 2016

Over five thousand people in Ireland die each year from heart attack, and another two thousand die from stroke. Now, in an effort to promote healthy living and encourage young people to look after their