Bespoke wheels keep on turning: a student success story

November 15, 2017

College is said to be some of the best years of your life, yet its hurdles can be tough considering the responsibility weighing on your shoulders. This may include anything from assignment stress or worrying


Baby on board: parenting in a wheelchair

October 18, 2017

When Niamh Ni Ruari fell pregnant, she knew that her life would change forever. She tell us about what its like being both a mother and wheelchair user at university.


Living with disablement

April 20, 2016

My little sister Grace is 10 years old. She can’t walk or talk. She knows basic sign language. She gets around in a wheelchair. She couldn’t eat for years. She can only do for herself


The changing world of children’s toys

March 9, 2016

Toys are changing, while some people may worry that tablets and smartphones are taking over and that young children are becoming dependent on technology, in the opposite direction, many toys are becoming more suitable and appropriate for children every day.

No Picture

Review: No Limbs, No Limits

April 2, 2014

No Limbs, No Limits is the story of Joanne O’Riordan, who suffers from Total Amelia syndrome. The documentary deserves a wider audience, says Michael Sheils McNamee.


The race to cure spinal damage

February 19, 2014

The Kerry marathon linking-in with marathons across 34 countries around the world raising funds to cure spinal cord injuries.