Immediate environmental activism

April 3, 2019

The Environmental Working Group found that red meat is responsible for 10 to 40 times as many greenhouse emissions as common vegetables and grains. If the grain fed to livestock was fed to people then 800 million people could be fed.


Time to talk tampons

March 20, 2019

Everyone has swapped out their daily coffee run with a keep cup and started considering their water use and recycling. However, we forget to consider one of the most obvious options which could make a significant difference not just to our health, but to the environment.

Budget 2019

BUDGET 2019: Environment and Agriculture

October 9, 2018

A planned 50 per cent increase was expected for carbon tax. This would have increased carbon tax ­­­­­from the current amount of €20 to €30 per tonne. The rate has remained unaltered since May 2014.