Slaying in lingerie: a Dublin guide

November 29, 2017

The world’s most popular retailer for women’s lingerie, Victoria’s Secret, will finally open it’s doors to Irish fans on Grafton street before Christmas. Michelle Townsend talks through some alternative lingerie shops in Dublin that are equally as gorgeous.


Stranger Threads

November 15, 2017

The release of Stranger Things 2 has seen merchandise for the Netflix original series pop up everywhere, from Topshop to independent Irish designers, Helen O’Neill tells us more about the fashion taking over the upside down and beyond.


Opulence on the Orient Express

November 15, 2017

All aboard the Orient Express style train. Rachel Farrell tell us how to execute the 1930s party look with some inspiration from the Christie classic.


Pop culture costumes

October 26, 2017

Today, costumes are a reflection of how up to date you are with popular culture. Helen O’Neill discusses this Halloween’s top sources of inspiration.


Highstreet Halloween

October 25, 2017

Although some may like hours and hours of costume planning and immaculate perfection of their outfits for that special party, dressing up isn’t for everyone. By scouring sites like Boohoo and ASOS, the only casual style guide you’ll ever need is right here.


The A/W style guide: coats

October 11, 2017

Whether it’s outrageous patterns or a timeless classic there are plenty of jackets and coats for you to choose right on the high street.


The A/W style guide: boots

October 11, 2017

With autumn well and truly underway and winter only around the corner, it’s time to (reluctantly) bid farewell to warm weather and adapt our footwear to a colder climate. And with a wide range of styles to pick from to suit any occasion, shoe lovers will be spoiled for choice this season.


Young Irish designers seeking success overseas

October 11, 2017

With six Irish designers showing at London Fashion Week this season, we question whether or not there’s space for young Irish design graduates to have a career in Ireland.

Black sunglasses

Summer Style Simplified

April 19, 2017

Summer is on the horizon so this is a list of the trends and staples to stick by this Summer.


Summer blues

September 28, 2016

College has started and summer is slowly becoming a distant memory. Morning lie-ins are being replaced with buzzing alarm clocks, evening barbeques with study sessions, but our summer wardrobes don’t have to go anywhere just


Festival fashion trends

April 20, 2016

With Coachella just behind us it’s officially festival season. Whether you’re going to Body and Soul or Electric Picnic, festival trends can be a tricky minefield to navigate, with previous years being criticised for cultural


Inspirations: Rei Kawakubo

February 24, 2016

Growing up with an opposition to trendy fashion in the typical sense, Comme des Garcons was always one of my favourite brands, I followed religiously, scrimping together my meagre pocket money to buy Nylon and Vogue each month.


What to wear: Festival

April 8, 2015

If you find yourself in my position, and you’re staying in the Emerald Isle this summer, it’s time to make preparations for the best part of the season; Festivals. We lust for the days of


All White Everything

March 25, 2015

With spring approaching, this season we’re leaving behind our typical florals and pastels and opting for a sleek and simple all-White look.