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Up to 70,000 removed from waiting lists without consultation

October 31, 2018

The figures obtained from GPs and shared by Donnelly reveal that 69,836 patients were cut from waiting lists as part of a “validation exercise” after staff inquired that they were “ready, willing, suitable and available” to attend.

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Government announces Budget plans for education

October 11, 2017

We spoke to the major political parties about what they hope to achieve in this year’s budget in relation to third-level institutes. Now that the budget has been released here are their hopes so we

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Senator tells DCU students more women representatives needed

April 24, 2013

Gender quotas are set to become reality in the next general election in a bid to increase the numbers of female representatives – Fianna Fáil Senator Averil Power and Local Area Rep Laura Reid discussed this on a recent trip to DCU.

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News Features

Fianna Fáil: The fall and rise

March 6, 2013

Dead and buried. Fianna Fáil were written off by many after their crash in the 2011 election, their support plummeting from 41% to a historic low of 17%. Now though, almost exactly two years since

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University News

Ballyfermot students petition for grants

March 6, 2013

Almost 1,000  people have signed a petition aimed at getting level 8 degree courses in Ballyfermot College recognized by the Irish grant system. Ballyfermot’s BA in Media Production Management is awarded through DCU and so