How to Survive Freshers’ Flu

October 12, 2022

Fresher’s flu, the painful phenomenon that takes over your body and reminds you that four nights ofconsecutive drinking has consequences, but it was worth it because you got the shift in Ryan’s. I’m genuinely convinced

Students' Union

SU President: Dylan Kehoe on freshers week success

September 28, 2016

S tudent Union President of DCU, Dylan Kehoe, appears to be settling into his new role with the college quite comfortably saying that the new energy surrounding the campus has made the transition much easier

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DCU News

Freshers week: A social round-up

October 9, 2013

Freshers Week 2013 proved a hit with incoming and continuing DCU students, with Grammy Award-winning 90s star Coolio headlining the Freshers’ Ball and Neil Delamere returning to his old alma mater to create some comical mischief with a favourable audience. Sharron Lynskey reports.