Why some people are triggered by Greta

October 16, 2019

While Greta Thunberg has her devoted followers, she also has detractors who have branded her as mentally ill, hysterical and called her a child that should be doing something else with her time. 


Lush Shutdown with Greta Thunberg

October 2, 2019

On September 20th Lush shut down its entire operations — factories, headquarters, and e-commerce — to mobilize more than 5,000 employees and take to the streets to demand action.


Should we all be feeling eco-anxiety?

July 28, 2019

This wave of eco-anxiety has occurred undoubtedly due to climate change itself but also due to the lack of response and action from those in power.


The power of students protesting climate change

March 6, 2019

Many of today’s adults won’t have to worry about what’s happening in about 50 years time. It is my generation, Greta’s generation and the future generations who will suffer the consequences.