Reminders for the winter months

November 27, 2019

Winter is cold. It’s a basic state of fact. But with the cold comes a mountain of consequences. Your skin will dry out, you will be drinking more hot drinks in an attempt to stay warm and those who sleep outside suffer the most. But there are a few small things everyone can do to make the long evenings and bitter cold nights not that bad.


Surviving couch surfing

February 20, 2019

College is a fun place to expand the mind, open it up to new ideas and progress in life but it’s a huge financial commitment. Mikey Walsh gives his account of dealing with homelessness while studying.

National News

Dublin City Council to buy 92 homes in Ballymun

November 28, 2018

Dublin City Council announced that they will purchase 92 homes in the Hampton Wood estate in Ballymun, as the housing crisis continuing to dominate political discourse in Ireland.


Leo’s homelessness comments show a lack of sympathy

November 29, 2017

Varadkar’s comments like Gleeson’s shows his misunderstanding of the issue, his disinterest in the problem, his aloofness to lower class issues. His overall classism and elitism, as members of the Simon community and rival politicians have already pointed out.


Unlocking a hidden Ireland one travesty at a time

March 22, 2017

Bríon Hoban discusses the wrong doing in Ireland that we, as a society, accept. Focusing on the recent discovery of the mass grave at Tuam, Galway, Bríon argues that we must face up to the issues facing our society today, rather than ignoring them in the hope that they become forgotten.


How to help the Homeless

February 22, 2017

It is a sad but true fact that homelessness in Ireland is a growing crisis. Here are three different charities that you can get involved in to help tackle the issue. Focus Ireland Being the


Homeless children deserve Christmas too

November 30, 2016

It was ten years ago when Laura spent a year and a half in a homeless shelter with her mam. She lived in Hedigans in town, it has three stories and had families, of up


Helping the Homeless

November 16, 2016

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, however, not all of us are fortunate enough to be in a position to celebrate the festivities of the season. With winter weather a reminder of shorter

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Through My Eyes

Homeless at Christmas

December 18, 2013

While most of us are getting ready to head home for the Christmas holidays, The College View speaks to some homeless people who’ll be spending the festive season on the cold streets.

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News Features

Losing the shelter of your life

February 6, 2013

How many times have you heard somebody say, “I would give money to the homeless but I know they will just spend it on alcohol or drugs.” This is a common view held by many