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Faculty reps given late notification for DCUSU election hustings

April 5, 2017

Students running for Business Faculty Representative were notified less than 24 hours before their hustings during this year’s Student Union elections. Newly elected Business Faculty Representative Bryan Mulry explained that he was told he would


SU Elections 2017: Who, what, when and where?

March 22, 2017

Tomorrow is the final day in which you can cast your vote to elect the 2017/18 DCU Students’ Unions. Voting takes place online: in order to do so simply log onto Loop and click the


Editorial: Election season is upon us

March 21, 2017

Election season is upon us. Hustings, manifestos, posters, debates, campaign videos, free food, more posters, celebrity endorsements, cheesy slogans. Yes sir, it’s the annual Students’ Union elections.

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DCUSU Election Hustings: An analysis

March 21, 2017

The second day of the DCUSU Election hustings took place on the Glasnevin campus on March 9th, in which candidates had the opportunity to talk about their manifestos and answer questions from both the audience.

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SU Elections 2016 hustings take place at CRC

March 30, 2016

The first round of hustings for the 2016 Students’ Union elections took place at today’s Class Rep Council. Candidates running for SU positions gave a brief introduction of themselves, discussed their manifestos and took questions from the floor.

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As it happened: SU Elections ’14 Hustings

March 24, 2014

Hustings for the 2014 DCU Students’ Union elections are about to get underway in the Old Bar. Candidates will set out their manifestos and outline why they’re running for sabbatical and part-time positions in the