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National News

USI study finds female graduates more employable than males

April 20, 2016

Females are more likely to secure employments after graduating according to a survey conducted by the USI. The survey found that twenty seven per cent of females were successful in securing employment after graduation compared


Handling your first J1

April 20, 2016

Heading off to the States on a J1 is a rite of passage for most Irish students. In recent years more and more restrictions have been placed on the working visa and this year is

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DCU News

DCU dance over the competition

March 9, 2016

  DCU Dance Society took home five awards at an inter varsity competition in Trinity College Dublin, last week.

Clubs and Socs

RAG Soc choose raising over rowdiness

February 24, 2016

RAG week came to DCU last week and the Raising and Giving Society aimed to distance themselves from the reputation of ‘RAG weeks’ across the country.

DCU News

Student’s fury over Gaeltacht costs

October 28, 2015

Future primary school teachers have started an intense letter writing campaign, calling on local TD’s and the government to reform the compulsory Gaeltacht scheme which personally costs them over €1,500.

National News

University of Limerick in pay-off scandal

September 30, 2015

Two employees claim they were offered nearly€60,000 to resign from their jobs at the University of Limerick after they raised concerns about inappropriate money spending and financial mismanagement.


Controversy over activist talk in Trinity

April 22, 2015

Iranian political activist refused to deliver a talk in Trinity after security imposed restrictions on the event, which they felt would be “one-sided” and “antagonising” to Muslim students. Jennifer Purdy reports.

DCU News

DCU team dance their way to success

March 5, 2014

Many DCU societies held recent intervarsities, with DCU reaching the Badminton finals and taking home a first prize for dance. Jennifer Purdy reports.