Sussed: Paddy’s Day Club Guide

March 8, 2017

  As everyone knows, it’s our national duty to go out and have fun on March 17th. Avoidance of this sacred tradition is tantamount to high treason. Yet maybe wading through a sea of puke

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Sussed: Christmas club guide

November 30, 2016

As another festive season rolls around, and people dust off their decorations, excitement mounts for two very different groups of people. While children everywhere refine and redraft their letters to Santa, Dublin’s revellers and clubbers are

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The Suss on Halloween

October 26, 2016

As a child, Halloween was always one of the biggest events of the calendar year. Trick or treating, fireworks,and pumpkin carving were all highlights of our more innocent years. Unfortunately, once you get beyond a

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How South Park stays relevant 20 years on

September 28, 2016

20 years may as well be an eternity in pop culture. 20 years ago, the brand new musical phenomenon worldwide was the Macarena. Dancing at the Crossroads, a tribute song to Wexford’s All Ireland winning