Get wiggy with it

November 29, 2017

Wigs have always been associated with dressing up for Halloween. Helen O’Neill takes a look at Hairspray’s new lace front wigs, changing that perception.


The requiem of life vs celebrity

October 11, 2017

While scrolling through your social media feed this week what did you see? Were you greeted with the rumours that Kylie Jenner is pregnant or were you greeted with the most recent news coming from


The perfect contour

April 8, 2015

Contouring has become one of the beauty world’s most popular trends in recent months with the release of Kim Kardashian’s contouring selfie, but most of us are baffled when it comes down to successfully recreating the look


Kim versus Keira: The Photoshop debate

November 26, 2014

Last week the internet was indeed broken as Kim Kardashian revealed all on the front cover of Paper magazine. Hundreds of thousands of internet users were shocked to witness the provocative images of Kim K.