Don’t blame yourself if your counsellor isn’t right for you

March 23, 2016

Counsellors have heard it all, they have been built up and trained, but no amount of books, training or even time working in the field can force two people to work well together in a small room in which one of them shares their deepest or saddest thoughts.


Shingle all the way

March 23, 2016

Adam Daly gave himself shingles for Christmas and encourages people to talk about their worries.


Inspirations: Pat Divilly

March 9, 2016

The first week there were only five but there were more every week, Pat, his believers, and a few plastic cones: “I was on the beach five times a day. If one extra person came, I would cycle home even faster to tell my Mum.”

Two books later, a thriving fitness business and a request to guest on the Late Late show, Pat has done his utmost to leave the darkness behind, he knows about failure and shattered pride.

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Mo Thaithí le hAireachas

February 10, 2016

Teánn Aoife ní Mhistéil i ngleic leis an faisean is deanaí i sláinte mheabhair. Ag maireachtáil san am i láthair, ag diriú ar ár tuiscint is ár n-aird – sin atá i gceist le haireachas,


Understanding Anxiety

October 28, 2015

“When you’re having a panic attack there are no thoughts, just white noise. Panic and black and white. It’s difficult to look back and remember concrete feelings,”


Amber flag, boost to mental health week

October 14, 2015

The week began with Eve Kerton, last years Welfare Officer, raising the Amber Flag in The Hub on Monday. The Amber Flag is an initiative organised by suicide aware who’s main goal is to promote a culture of positive mental health in the education system and among other organisations.

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There’s no easy way to say this

October 14, 2015

Stood by a pedestrian crossing, waiting for the lights to change, John realised death was about three feet in front of him. The lights changed. So did his outlook.

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Mental health has many faces

March 25, 2015

The media have been called to stop using stigmatising stock images of a person in isolation, head in hands, to accompany articles about mental health.


It takes a community to tackle mental health

November 20, 2013

Students’ Union Welfare officer, Lorna Finnegan on how It takes a community that is willing to listen and provide small gestures of care, attention and support to tackle mental health issues.

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Post natal depression and men

March 6, 2013

Men and women are genetically and hormonally very different, but we do share certain hardships in life. Post natal depression affects around 15% of Irish mothers and can mean a tough start to what should

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DCU News

Collins hoping to remove mental health stigma

October 31, 2012

Students’ Union Welface Officer, Neil Collins, is hoping that DCU’s Mental Health Awareness Week will remove the stigma from mental health problems. Collins hopes that students will open up about mental health and has a

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September 28, 2011

By Ceile Varley I ended up the Larkfield Party on September 18. I went for free food, music and most importantly to hustle first years into writing for the College View. After a while I

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Life’s too short to frown, so smile

September 28, 2011

By Chloe O’Sullivan These are the best days of our lives, or so the old saying goes. College is a new beginning. It is a time of transitions – our first time leaving home, our