Alexander Yankov win highlights DCU MMA caliber

October 3, 2018

The success of the club has been immense in the last 12 months with 3 members winning 8 Championship Belts, including 3 National Titles in Kickboxing as well as a lot of our other male and female members achieving success and winning kickboxing bouts & Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.


The mixed martial arts misconception

April 18, 2018

For so many, MMA is an outlet. From many kids in low-income areas, to those who have used MMA to avoid going down the wrong path in life, or those who have used MMA to exit that path.


Defeat is just another step on McGregors’s Journey

March 23, 2016

His story is nothing short of remarkable. McGregor came from nowhere – he was a young man with a dream; an aspiration to go somewhere that had never been done before in Ireland, and rise to the UFC’s summit.


Irish UFC legend Pendred speaks to The College View

March 9, 2016

Professional sport can be a cruel game in which to get your break. Regardless of talent, funding is a necessity for the continued development of athletes and sport in Ireland. For DCU graduate Cathal Pendred,

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Pendred maintains 100% record

October 15, 2014

Former DCU student Cathal Pendred maintained his 100% win record thanks to a split decision last Saturday.