Halloween movie watch list for those cosy nights in

October 30, 2019

As you grow up Halloween becomes less of an opportunity to knock at houses and ask for sweets but rather buying your own sweets and locking yourself in your own house. You snuggle yourself up on the couch, pray no one rings the doorbell and stick on a movie – but what to watch?


The timeless nature of period dramas in a modern world

February 20, 2019

Sure, anything with a strong enough storyline distracts and entertains but period dramas offer a glimpse into a completely different world. People can watch knowing that their ancestors lived during that time and connect to a story because they feel a part of themselves in it.


Splitting the movie myth of split personalites

February 22, 2017

Teasing a fear from the depths of safety delivers a rush of adrenaline, increases our heart rates and is often referred to as the fight or flight response; the edge of the unknown. Little children