Break up the day with Daybreak

March 30, 2020

Daybreak is the teen drama comedy satire that we all need to watch, just in case the world ends. This post-apocalyptic series explores many cinematic genres of storytelling in its 10 episode spectacular, keeping audiences on their toes and keeping the presentation of the show fresh.


Léitheoireacht agus daoine óga

March 18, 2020

Tá beagnach gach daoine tógtha agus faoi draíocht ‘Netflix’, caithfidh mé a rá go bhfuil sé dochreidte agus millteanach.


Netflix shows we lost to the algorithm

March 16, 2020

Netflix algorithms have the miraculous ability to predict what we want to watch. Re-occurring themes in what we choose to watch has a ripple effect on what the streaming service will then recommend. And for the most part, they get it right.


The Netflix show proving that love really is blind

March 2, 2020

Netflix’s latest reality show “Love Is Blind” launched on the streaming service on the February 13th as part of a three-week event where the contestants are on the mission to find a spouse.


From video games to TV adaptations

February 17, 2020

The release of Netflix’s “The Witcher” was a truly special day for fans of the series. Aside from the initially confusing timeline, the series was a real triumph that managed to stay true to aspects of both the game and the original books by Andrzej Sapkowski.

The Hype

From Broadway to mainstream

February 17, 2020

Ben Platt first stepped on stage as Evan Hansen in 2015. Although Platt had graced the Broadway stage before, playing the main character of “Dear Evan Hansen” gave him recognition and fans world wide. Four years later Platt’s career and music has drastically changed from musical theatre to pop. 


Sex Education empowers and informs with season two

February 5, 2020

Otis, Maeve, Eric and all our beloved characters from Netflix’s hit show “Sex Education” returned to our screens on January 17th. After the colossal success of the first season the second season was much anticipated by the fans of what has been suggested to be Netflix’s best original show.


Fractured fails to stray from classic thriller tropes

October 30, 2019

From the onset, there is a sense of foreboding in the new Netflix thriller, “Fractured.” This is possibly due to the fact that the plot of the movie seems very familiar to “Shutter Island” and “Flight Plan”, where actress Jodie Foster searches for her missing daughter on a flight.


Móltaí Netflix don Fhómhar

October 16, 2019

Fómhar atá ann agus is ionann sin go bhfuil na laethanta níos giorra agus níos fuaire. Tá na crainn lom, níl aon duilliúr ar na crainn agus tá se fluich! Mar sin, suí ar an tolg, faigh deoch the agus cas air Netflix. Feach ar an liosta seo chun inspioraid a fhail. 


The Politician serves as a satire of student politics

October 16, 2019

Netflix’s The Politician premiered on the streaming site on September 27th 2019 and despite being hailed as “hollow” and “mean” by critics it is currently one of the highest rated shows on Netflix.