Fractured fails to stray from classic thriller tropes

October 30, 2019

From the onset, there is a sense of foreboding in the new Netflix thriller, “Fractured.” This is possibly due to the fact that the plot of the movie seems very familiar to “Shutter Island” and “Flight Plan”, where actress Jodie Foster searches for her missing daughter on a flight.


Móltaí Netflix don Fhómhar

October 16, 2019

Fómhar atá ann agus is ionann sin go bhfuil na laethanta níos giorra agus níos fuaire. Tá na crainn lom, níl aon duilliúr ar na crainn agus tá se fluich! Mar sin, suí ar an tolg, faigh deoch the agus cas air Netflix. Feach ar an liosta seo chun inspioraid a fhail. 


The Politician serves as a satire of student politics

October 16, 2019

Netflix’s The Politician premiered on the streaming site on September 27th 2019 and despite being hailed as “hollow” and “mean” by critics it is currently one of the highest rated shows on Netflix.


A modern twist on classic horror, The Haunting of Hill House

October 31, 2018

The genius of the series The Haunting of Hill House, written and directed by Mike Flanagan, is to draw a line between supernatural terror and the unresolved traumas of childhood – the closest the majority of us will come in real life to being spooked by our past.


Will Black Mirror’s choose-your-own-adventure episode create a trend?

October 17, 2018

The concept of ‘choose your own adventure’ has been tried and tested for years in video games and has found to be very successful. Generally referred to as roleplaying games or RPGs, players are taken on a journey from building their own character to choosing how they handle difficult situations and how their decisions ultimately change their character’s fate.

The Hype

Mindhunter is mind-blowing

December 6, 2017

Mindhunter, a new series recently added to the growing pile of shows released by Netflix, has been receiving nothing but praise and it’s no surprise. This show is one of the most interesting and engaging


Stranger Threads

November 15, 2017

The release of Stranger Things 2 has seen merchandise for the Netflix original series pop up everywhere, from Topshop to independent Irish designers, Helen O’Neill tells us more about the fashion taking over the upside down and beyond.


A World turned upside down

November 15, 2017

  The Netflix cult show picks up around a year after Will Byers’ escape from “Upside Down”, but behind the colourful arcade screens and Halloween decorations, there’s something strange lurking in the town of Hawkins.


Review: The Confession Tapes

October 11, 2017

The latest crime documentary series released by Netflix, The Confession Tapes, will leave you on-edge and full of doubt. The documentary takes us through real life cases of false confessions. You could never imagine admitting


Review: 13 Reasons Why

April 19, 2017

These days high school drama shows are not hard to find, but they are hard to like. They are usually the same old over-romanticised, over-materialised, over the top crap. However, 13 Reasons Why is different.


Was Gilmore Girls worth revisiting?

February 8, 2017

After years of long-term fans patiently awaiting an update from our beloved Stars Hollow, Netflix brought us a six part mini-series, Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life, to revisit the Connecticut town. If you’re


A series of fortunate adaptations

February 8, 2017

The new adaptation of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ on Netflix brings a whole new interpretation of Lemony Snicket’s dark and depressing tale of the Baudelaire orphans to the streaming platform. The story begins small

No Picture

What now after What.CD?

November 30, 2016

Last week saw the closure of the infamous music and file sharing site What.CD making them part of the club of fallen piracy giants like Napster, Kickass Torrents and the original Pirate Bay. In a

The Hype

The Get Down should not be in Stranger Things’ shadow

September 28, 2016

Many students have spent their summers indoors intoxicated by Netflix content. This summer was a particularly fruitful one for the company with new seasons of the charismatic Orange is the New Black and the addictive