National News

ASAI receive over 100 complaints about Instagram content

March 20, 2019

A number of wellness bloggers and influencers have been making sponsored posts about products such as vitamin and gut-health supplements in Ireland and abroad. There have been few complaints made about influencers and health supplements to the ASAI so far.

DCU News

DCU to introduce MA in Choral Studies

November 14, 2018

“Ireland is absolutely buzzing with choirs at the moment, and we hope to provide a great course for conductors and composers to upskill and get all the expertise and background knowledge to give them confidence in their art,” said Blunnie.

National News

Dr Nicky Bertollo wins innovation award for drug and vaccine patches

October 31, 2018

Dr Nicky Bertollo has won the 2018 University College Dublin (UCD) Allergan Innovation Award for the innovative potential within his research to develop a new microneedle patch design to improve drug and vaccine delivery of the skin, giving him a research bursary of €7,000 to allow him to bring his novel microneedle patch design to the next stage of development.