Bukowski: Lessons from “A laureate of American low life”

October 31, 2018

What separates Bukowski from the ranks of other famous poets is that his language is comprehensible and sadly simple. There is no room for rhyme, alliteration or onomatopoeia in his 1500 collected poems, so how can he even be considered a poet? What makes this cynical alcoholic a poet is that he evokes genuine feelings from the reader.

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Exploring the world of Instagram poetry

October 3, 2018

This generations ‘instapoets’ are a breath of fresh air for an artform that seemed to be dying. Many young people can no longer relate to the heavy poetry of the likes of John Keats of whom they may have studied laboriously throughout their secondary school education.


The dramatic poetry of award-winning Leonita Flynn

April 4, 2018

Last month, poet Leonita Flynn won the Irish Times Poetry Now award for her collection ‘The Radio’. Previous winners such as Seamus Heaney, Derek Mahon, Sinéad Morrissey and Caitríona O’Reilly show that she is up

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Is poetry a dying art?

February 21, 2018

Once upon a time, poetry was thought of as one of the most beautiful and most important art forms in existence. Nowadays it could be questioned as to whether it is as widely appreciated. If

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The sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur

November 15, 2017

Rupi Kaur, the Instagram poet who has arguably changed modern poetry,  has published more of her work in a collection called ‘the sun and her flowers’. It is, to put it simply, another literary masterpiece.


Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

September 27, 2017

Milk and Honey is a stunning poetry book written by Rupi Kaur, a Canadian writer of Indian descent. In the beginning, she posted her work on Instagram along with simple drawings which are a key

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Sussed: October Poems

October 30, 2016

In Battle of The Eighth, Zainab Boladale highlights how historically and traditionally women have always been the victimised by the laws that govern our society. The very same victimisation that can be seen in the arguments