If Racism Exists In Ireland So Does Anti-racism

March 15, 2023

Racism in Ireland has been an issue for quite a long time, with the latest flood in hate crimes happening in 2020. The effect of racial hate crimes on victims can be devastating. Victims frequently


March marks Anti-Racism Month in Ireland

March 9, 2022

INAR also noted that they will be launching another report on racism on the 21st of March 2022, stating that they are “poised to lead Ireland in the fight against racism into the 2020s”.

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Stop Asian Hate: My Observations on Racism in Ireland

April 22, 2021

Since six Asian women were killed in the Atlanta Spa shooting last month, “Stop Asian Hate Movement” have been held across the United States for several weeks. In this movement, some Asian-American celebrities, such as


Software created in DCU to track online hate speech

December 12, 2018

“Cultural change is possible, and new norms can be established – particularly by those with power and influence. Ireland needs leadership from across society to play a more discernible role in preventing the spread of online intolerance” said Emily Logan, Chief Commissioner of “The Commission”.


Spare a hug, have a Harte

December 10, 2014

Michael Brown, the black, unarmed teenager shot by white police officer Darren Wilson is a recent example of how racism is still alive and well in our society.

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Racism: What’s new?

November 14, 2014

Giulia Luzi shows how racism is still alive among the Roma families and Travellers in Ireland.