Universities clamp down on ‘disorderly’ RAG week

February 21, 2018

As RAG week kicked off across the country this week, numerous institutions have distanced themselves from the event. RAG (Raise and Give) week has not been an official college event for NUI Galway or the

Clubs and Socs

RAG Soc choose raising over rowdiness

February 24, 2016

RAG week came to DCU last week and the Raising and Giving Society aimed to distance themselves from the reputation of ‘RAG weeks’ across the country.

University News

All eyes on NUIG for RAG week

February 24, 2016

As RAG Week got underway across the country last week, students were queuing from before 9am outside the Hole in the Wall pub in Galway City for Donegal Tuesday, the most popular day of the

University News

UCD reintroduces “RAG Week” after five year ban

February 10, 2016

UCD’s Student Union have given their support to the reintroduction of ,”RAG Week”, since it’s original ban five years ago when the college received negative publicity for their students behavior.


How to make a fundraiser successful

March 5, 2014

Viral vids or good old fashioned hard graft: what are the vital ingredients for a good fundraiser? The College View investigates.

DCU News

SU won’t hold official RAG Week this year

February 19, 2014

No official RAG Week will be held in DCU this semester, Welfare Officer Lorna Finnegan told The College View, due to the stigma associated with the controversial week.

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DCU News

SU criticised for lack of RAG Week collaboration

March 20, 2013

A greater collaboration from DCU Students’ Union could have made the DCU SU RAG week an even bigger success, according to co-chairperson of RAG Soc SallyAnn Downes. The week, which ran from Monday March 11th,

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DCU News

DCU SU attempts to discourage RAG week drinking

March 6, 2013

DCU Raising and Giving week will focus on fundraising in a move away from the traditional drinking associated with the event. Organised in conjunction with the DCU Students’ Union, RAG week will run in Week

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University News

USI and Drinkaware launch toolkit for RAG weeks

February 6, 2013

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and have launched an Alcohol Awareness Toolkit for Students’ Union officers as RAG Week approaches for many colleges around the country. The guide offers advice and resources for communicating