The Rohingya; Camps in Cox’s Bazar in Deplorable Conditions

February 16, 2022

The Rohingya Muslim minority in the predominantly Buddhist, Myanmar have been statelessand deprived of their basic human rights for decades now. They have had no access tohealthcare, voting rights, education, employment or basic citizenship. The

National News

UCC to give refugees full scholarships

February 7, 2018

University College Cork has been granted the status of “University of Sanctuary” and will provide seven asylum seekers and refugees with full scholarships from September.


Trinity SU elects ethnic minorities officer

February 8, 2017

Trinity College Dublin Student’s Union’s (TCDSU) council voted last week to elect an Ethics Minority Officer onto their executive. This position arose shorty after TCDSU President Kieran McNulty decided to utilise the structures and strength of the Union to ensure all students’ voices are heard.