Galar an Gheimhridh

February 6, 2019

Nuair a éiríonn tú ar maidin, bíonn sé dorcha. Nuair atá tú ag siúl abhaile ón léachtaí fada, deacair- bíonn sé dorcha. Nuair atá tú ag seasamh i scuaine ar Sráid Fhearchair, ar meisce agus


Those winter blues

November 28, 2018

University life, with all it’s merits, will statistically spike the vast majority of our anxiety levels at some point. With the ever darkening days of winter also slowly consuming us, it may feel that anxiety is closer to our front door than ever.


Finding the light in Seasonal Affective Disorder

November 15, 2017

As we wind back the clocks for daylight savings, a veil of darkness looms over the frigid winter months. For some, the short cold days are a countdown to Christmas; for others, they’re a reason to