The glorification of on-screen criminals

December 9, 2020

The influential power of movies and tv shows on audiences is widely underrated, as people can become influenced and shape their ideals around a particular character and their actions.


Climate grief: Mourning for our planet

November 25, 2020

There’s a sense of impending doom on the youth, their lives will be directly affected by the climate crisis and the older generations and those in power are appearing to do little about it.


Goodbye Trump, is it goodbye SNL ?

November 25, 2020

For some viewers, SNL’s response to the Trump era and their political sketches grew tiresome, fairly quickly. So, in a post-Trump era, it is naive of us to expect SNL to move on.


Graduating from university during a pandemic

November 25, 2020

Every autumn, Dublin City University graduands, their families and DCU faulty, gather at the Helix to attend the annual graduation ceremonies and celebrate one of the most rewarding days of a student’s educational career.


Making the transition to Veganism

November 11, 2020

Starting off on a vegan diet can be considered the hardest part, as prepping for a lifestyle change can take a lot of work and research, especially when it comes to dramatically altering your diet.


Black History Month: A significant year to celebrate Black History

October 28, 2020

The rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement during the summer of 2020, has shown the world the reality of racism and police brutality towards people of colour. This Black History Month gives us the opportunity to honour the movements work towards racial equality.


Student accommodation to become co-living spaces

July 21, 2020

Student accommodation complexes in Dublin may be temporarily converted and used as co-living spaces, according to Dublin City Council. The council said that the temporary use would be “appropriate” due to the changes universities made


Irish universities rise in global ranking

June 21, 2020

Five of Irelands top universities have climbed higher in the latest set of global rankings, with Trinity College Dublin being the highest-ranking university in Ireland.


Online petition created for students to continue studies at home amid coronavirus fears

March 17, 2020

The petition argued that studying at home would be safer than coming into college. It was created after the first case of the disease was confirmed in Trinity College. With over 500 signatures, the petition urged the college to allow students to complete their studies online rather than come onto campus and risk the spread of the disease.