Student Life

Planes, trains and automobiles

April 19, 2017

Paris, Westminster, Brussels, Stockholm, Nice, Berlin – all cities that have suffered in the past few years at the hands of terrorists.   Many major European cities have seen horrific incidents – knife attacks, bombings, vehicles


Lost in India

April 16, 2014

Travel broadens the mind; Hannah Bowler recounts the first time she experienced the Indian culture.


The definitive guide to South America

April 16, 2014

For Aoife O’Neill, South America is like an ex-boyfriend that she will never get over. Her infatuation began when studying the Amazon in Leaving Cert geography and culminated with a three month fling when she turned 21.

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A Southern summer

April 2, 2014

Paula Murphy recounts a summer spent in the deep south, and a recipe that will make your mouth water.