“Shy Di” to fashion’s favourite – the evolution of Princess Diana’s style

December 9, 2020

From epochal ball gowns to iconic athleisure wear, throughout her public life Diana’s wardrobe captivated the world’s attention. Portraying such a paragon of fashion is no easy feat, nor is recreating her style. Yet these were the mammoth challenges Emma Corrin and costume designer Amy Roberts found themselves tasked with in the latest season of The Crown. 


The impacts of fashion pressure

March 15, 2020

Fashion pressure might not seem like a serious concern because of everything going on in the world right now, but it has negative impacts that have been happening for centuries and it’s still happening today. Each season there is something new and trendy that everybody seems to be wearing and naturally, we want it too. Especially in teenagers and young adults, who are still trying to find their fashion sense and personal identities, fashion pressure is most often seen. With the amount of affordable shops following trends of much more expensive ones, some people feel that there is no excuse not to look trendy as you don’t have to spend a fortune.


Finding a style that suits you and where to shop

February 5, 2020

How do I distinguish my sense of personal style? You have a few options for this, start by breaking down your lifestyle and interests and see how they influence your taste. You might be influenced by what your favourite colour is or the music you listen to, or maybe even the style of the artist. And if you’re passionate enough about politics to wear them then by all means get creative but inoffensive.


Christmas day in style vs a comfy pajama day

December 11, 2019

As Christmas is only around the corner, many people will participate in that last-minute scramble for presents. However,  it is not just presents for family and friends we have to worry about, but also what we’re going to wear. Many people will buy special outfits for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St. Stephen’s Day, but is there too much pressure to find the perfect outfit to be photographed in beside the Christmas tree?


Fashion over comfort

November 27, 2019

With the athleisure trend being around in fashion for a few years now, people are proving it’s possible to mix fashion with comfort, however some still refuse to go along with it.


Tailoring for tattoos

April 3, 2019

Tattoos are essentially pieces of jewellery that you can’t take off so it’s important that the colour and style of your clothes compliments your body art.


Sourcing sustainable fashion

February 20, 2019

By nature the words sustainability and trends are at complete odds with each other. One supports the fair treatment of workers and the sourcing of organic and recycled materials while the other encourages consumers to buy cheap and buy fast, throwing last months must-haves into landfill.Despite this there are some large brands that have emerged to provide sustainable options to their customers.


Stylists in the Spotlight

April 3, 2018

We spoke with some famous stylists of Instagram and asked them what advice they had for anyone considering getting involved with styling and how to best to style your own look.


Black Tie for the Cheap Guy

March 21, 2018

Whether you fancy a formal tuxedo or laid back tweed look this ball season, Alison Rothwell covers it all in her style guide to suit your pocket.

Black sunglasses

Summer Style Simplified

April 19, 2017

Summer is on the horizon so this is a list of the trends and staples to stick by this Summer.


Five Trends from Paris Fashion Week

October 12, 2016

By all means, if you have the money and desire, buy that Chanel robot helmet that opened the show at Paris fashion week. Can I guarantee it will be anything but high fashion for more

Clubs and Socs

DCU Style hosts ‘Next Top Model’

November 26, 2014

DCU Style Society held the event yesterday, which saw representatives from a number of DCU societies strut their stuff on the catwalk.


For the Love of Lupita

March 19, 2014

Niamh Doherty on the rise and rise of Hollywood’s darling girl Lupita Nyong’o.


Mantalk #6

February 19, 2014

The sharpest fashion tongues in DCU are back, and like it or lump it, they’re going to say it as they see it. Seán Men, women, small children, welcome back! To disguise my next topic


Mantalk #2

November 6, 2013

Your two favourite boys with style are back for another round of mantalk. A birthday week for Craig means a new Zara jacket and Seán fills us in on the trials and tribulations of trying to break the fashion industry.


Mantalk: An Introduction

October 23, 2013

In a brand new style column for Flux, for men, by men, Craig Sutton and Seán Ó Grifín take us through their own personal style and give us an insight into what they’re going to cover in your must read every fortnight; Mantalk.