JPEGMAFIA’s gigs not for the faint of heart

March 16, 2020

Months after the release of his latest album, “All My Heroes are Cornballs”, JPEGMAFIA arrives at The Academy to thunderous chants of “Peggy”. The sold out gig was packed to the gills, with JPEGMAFIA emerging from the back clad in muay thai shorts and a hoodie, which was quickly taken off.


Superorganism headline show at the Academy

October 31, 2018

The entire gig was painted with flashes of dazzling colour, with band-members emerging from backstage in shiny, sequined cloaks. The background projector lit up with intense visuals, splattered with animations of various animals and objects.


Review: Death Grips at the Academy

October 17, 2016

It’s a long flight of stairs up to the Academy’s main room and on this night, getting close to Samhain, it felt like a liminal space, a passageway between the relative sanity of the street

The Hype

Death from Above 1979 @ the Academy

March 11, 2015

Sometimes it’s best not to overthink things. I learned this pretty quickly at the Academy when Death From Above 1979 came to town. How will new album The Physical World stand up live? Can they